About us

Our activities and events are geared towards alleviating poverty, loneliness, isolation, depression and social exclusion usually experienced but not limited to the minority ethnic communities. This includes, educational seminars/conferences and gardening. We promote healthy and strong family relationships as we are aware that is key to a healthy and wealthy society

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for positive change in the self, individual families and the wider community therefore community integration Utulivu’s one clear cut motto is ‘We Will Never Let Go until Our Good Gets Better and Our Better Gets Best’

Our Mission

Integrate into the wider community through events and activities that promote healthy living, empower women and children, promote cultural awareness, and provide volunteering opportunities

Our Ethos

Socially construed values are handed down by women which are a challenge that women have to positively undertake in fulfilling it. Utulivu understands the need for women to take care for their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing