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Contact Info

684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

(+55) 654 - 545 - 1235

Our History



Utulivu was launched July 2004 and registered as a charity in 2007. We are a Reading, Berkshire based organisation that works with women, children, elderly and with the support of men from an empowerment point of view aimed at promoting Health & Wellbeing and positively integrating into the wider community through events and activities that address: Healthy Family Relationships, Career Progression, Health & Wealth Creation, Drugs & Alcohol, Knife Crime among others. This is mainly among the BAMER communities. 

Patience and tolerance are essential ingredients for any charitable organisation. This is why we chose the name ‘Utulivu’ which means ‘patience’ in Swahili, a language spoken in Eastern Africa. 

In 2011 received the prestigious ‘Queen’s Award’ for voluntary service among other awards locally. Evaluation and review undertaken by the organisation in 2018 showed that Utulivu remains to be a highly respected, credible, and relevant organisation recognised for its unique expertise and longevity in the community as well as uniquely migrant-led women’s organisation.

Our History

Our Journey To Date

  • Utulivu started

    Utulivu women's Group was started as her informal conversation by the founder as a dissertation project (Women Studies program) of Empowering Women in line with the Millennium Goals which continued to run and grow rapidly.
  • Utulivu Launched

    Through the support of positive allies (Women & Men) in the local community and other organisations including Reading Voluntary Action and Berkshire Women’s Aid, it was officially launched.
  • Registered as a charity

    Utulivu women's Group was registered with the Charity Commission and acquired the charitable status–No.1118448
  • Award

    Utulivu was nominated and awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service by the well wishers, local partners and the beneficiaries. This further motivated us in working towards our vision.
  • Online Presence

    With keen interest in matters of Health and Wellbeing, Utulivu Women’s Group partnered with Mojatu and embarked on an exciting journey to establish a compelling online presence through the creation of a quarterly community magazine featuring great community women role models with the view of empowering families and our communities.
  • 10 Years Anniversary

    We celebrated our 10 yrs anniversary with a bang reflecting on the impact of our work then both individually and collectively. This included a number of women who had ventured into education, business, and authorship among others. A number of young people shared how they had gone up to college/university level education for the careers of their choice.
  • Evaluation

    Evaluation and review undertaken by the organisation showed that Utulivu remains to be a highly respected, credible, and relevant organisation recognised for its unique expertise and longevity in the community as well as a uniquely migrant-led women’s organisation.
  • Virtual Communities

    With the advent of Covid, we set up virtual communities which continue to widen our community impact and through which digital inclusion continues to thrive.
  • Community Awards

    We initiated the need to empower and inspire our communities through Awards during the Black History Month in October of every year and held our first Community award then. This continues to be positively embraced every year.
  • 20 Years Anniversary

    Celebrating 20 years of impactful service in our communities.