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Little things mean a lot

I live on a road with many elderly people. During lockdown I felt a yearning to be proactive and to do something positive for my elderly neighbours.

I wrote my name, address and mobile number on a card and dropped it through their letterbox.  I said I was available to collect their prescriptions from the chemist and offered to buy basic food for them such as milk, bread and eggs.

I received a call from my elderly neighbour who said she had hurt her leg and could not get out, she gave me the details to collect her prescription.  This became a weekly occurrence for two of my neighbours. 

On a Friday I would regularly bake bread and on a Saturday, I decided to wrap 4 pieces of bread and deliver them to each of my elderly neighbours. 

The bread was gratefully received and the conversations developed as I stood 2 metres safely away on their driveway.

During the summer I grew potatoes and onions in my garden.  When I dug them up there was far too much than I could manage so I made 20 bags and delivered them to my neighbours.  Again, this gave way to discussions and neighbourly friendships started to develop. 

I have been blessed by my neighbours and the sacrifice on my part has been minimal.    

 I have been rewarded by their strength and their courage through this difficult pandemic.

I would encourage everyone to choose one neighbour on your road to befriend. You do not have to give a lot of your time as what is most important is that you are committed and consistent in giving 15 minutes or an hour a week. 

It has been my experience in the most meaningful way that little things mean a lot.

Annice Thomas

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